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We at bareback swingers believe that sex between consenting adults if supposed to be an enjoyable experience, of late this fun has become more restricted with far too many "experts" advising swingers that they should always "rubber up" before enjoying themselves. We do not preach that you should not use a condom, simply that bareback swingers should be allowed to practice their preference without prejudice.

Despite the teaching of the experts, the use of rubbers DOES reduce the sensations felt by men, and the "spermicidal lubricants" very quickly interact with the natural lubricants of the women to cause dryness and in many cases discomfort, bareback sex uses the natural lubricants of both partners to make the experience as nature intended.

We are bareback swingers who have been in the swinging scene for many years, the longest serving player has been a swinger in regular action for over 30 years, in this time he has used condoms less than 25% of the time, has played with hundreds of girls in over 20 countries, and has never suffered any infection more serious than thrush!

None of the other contributing bareback swingers have caught any STD´s either, despite also using protection on very few occasions. This is the norm rather than the exception in the swinging scene both in Europe and the USA, where happily most players resist the rubber brigade.

This of course flies in the face of the advice of medical experts and scare mongers, who would have us all believe that we run the risk of terrible infections if we so much as lick the unprotected genitals of a member of the opposite sex, let alone have bareback sex.

However, medical researchers in both Europe and the USA have actually found that bareback swingers as a social group actually have a lower incidence of STD´s than the general population, and a zero score on heterosexual participants catching HIV/AIDS.

We have created this site so that you can contact other bareback swingers with the same attitude and out look as yourselves, and have a lot of fun whilst feeling your partners enjoyment.

So click on the link at the top of the page, and sign up to our site and find new friends who want to feel you whilst having sex with you.

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Happy Swinging everyone.